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Self-Development & Self-Care


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Method: Discipline Practices
  1. Implement systems. Use a task manager.
  2. Think in terms of progress. Focus on improvement, not achievement.
  3. Consistency, not results. Focus on how long and often (duration, frequency), not outcomes.

Method: Self-talk/thought journaling
Source: Taking the high ground
Description: This is my high-ground practice - a reliable practice that helps give you a sense of clarity and calm. My practice involves talking to myself - literally - either by taking a walk by myself or journaling my thoughts. Because my mind is often very noisy, working out my thoughts through self-talk allows me to clear my head and focus.


Method: Wisdom Rules
  1. Learn from experience.
  2. Seek first to understand.
  3. Admit ignorance.


Method: Courage Tactics
  1. Calculate the dangers of not taking action.
  2. Develop contingency plans and exit strategies.
  3. Let go - let it up to fate.

Method: Letting Flow
Source: Four lessons I've learned from The Art of War on controlling my emotions
Description: Technique for managing emotional situations - situations that trigger a strong emotional reaction.
  1. Acknowledge and label your emotion.
  2. Explore your emotion.
  3. Give yourself time by distracting yourself from the situation.
  4. Return back to the situation and see if your feelings have changed.
  5. Repeat 1-4 until the emotion has dissipated and you feel you can deal with your situation in a more balanced way.