Mark Blasini

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Method: Automated Personal Finance
Description: Automate payments to
  1. Bills
  2. Retirement (15%).
  3. HSA
  4. Insurance (home, auto, life, health)
  5. Guilt-free spending account (books, eating out, movies, etc.)


Method: Reading/watching personal finance advice
Description: I'm often reading up on personal finance to see if there are any relevant systems, practices, rules/principles, or tactics/techniques. I am subscribed to a number of YouTube Channels as well as email newsletters. I also have a number of books that I try to pull stuff from.


Method: Spending Rules
  1. Pay yourself first - 15-30% of income goes to savings, investments, and/or insurance.
  2. Avoid borrowing to consume.
  3. Pay off any consumer debt ASAP.


Method: Cash Flow Index Method
Source: How to Use the Cash Flow Index to Quickly and Safely Eliminate Your Debt
Description: Method of paying off debt. Involves paying off least efficient loans (loan balance-to-minimum payment is less than 50) first. To implement, list loans from least efficient to most efficient. Work on paying off least efficient loan first, then use income you would have paid on least efficient to help pay off next least efficient. Any loans with Index over 100 should only be paid off with minimum payments.
Method: Investment Cash Flow Index Method
Source: How to Turn Dead Assets Into New Cash Flow With the Investment Cash Flow Index
Description: Method for turning unproductive investments into new cash flow. Many people have a significant amount of money locked up in "dead assets" due to the emphasis on long-term investment strategies. The Investment Cash Flow Index is introduced as a formula that objectively determines the cash-flow efficiency of investments. A lower index number indicates a more efficient investment in terms of generating cash flow. Consider cashing out inefficient investments (higher index) and using the proceeds to pay off loans or make new cash flow investments can lead to better financial outcomes.