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Choice-minimal lifestyle


Source: Tim Ferriss, "The Choice-Minimal Lifestyle: 6 Formulas for More Output and Less Overwhelm"


A way of living that seeks to minimize the number of options and decisions one encounters in order to reduce overwhelm and increase productivity and satisfaction.

By setting rules, making quick and non-fatal decisions, automating repetitive choices, and focusing on routines and what matters most, individuals can conserve their attention and allocate it more effectively to actions and present-state awareness. The aim is to optimize decision-making processes and minimize regret by simplifying and streamlining choices.

For Ferriss, it involves following six rules:

  1. Set rules to automate decision-making. Make decision-making easier by having already preset rules for dealing with common situations.
  2. Do not provoke deliberation before you can take action. That is, don't worry about something before you can actually deal with it.
  3. Do not postpone decisions to avoid uncomfortable conversations. Do not keep commitments in an open loop.
  4. Practice making non-fatal or reversible decisions as quickly as possible.
  5. Do not strive for variation when it's not necessary. If it doesn't matter, don't try to switch things up.
  6. Eliminate complaining. This will minimize regret.
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