Mark Blasini


Work on what you have


If you focus so much on the future, on where you want to go, and what you don't have, then you will constantly reinforce the idea that you're a failure, that you don't have enough, that you will always be in yin.

Truth is, though, that success is not about getting, but about maintaining and maximizing what you have. It's a skill, or a set of skills. And there are plenty of basic skills you've already developed.

You've developed the skill to walk, talk, run, read, write, throw a ball, kick a ball, work on computers, type, do math, etc.

You already have the skills you need. Successful writers have a developed skill of writing, successful runners have a developed skill of running, successful mathematicians have a developed skill of doing math.

Even complex skills, like playing an instrument, are simply a mix of really basic skills - hand coordination, listening, rhythm. Successful musicians have a developed skill of all three elements.

You've already accomplished so much and have the basic ingredients to do so much more. Just work on what you have.