Mark Blasini


What little problems do you solve?


We tend to think that starting a blog or a business involves creating something that's cool, attractive, fun, interesting, etc. But probably one of the easiest, yet effective, things you can do if you're looking for ideas for starting a blog or business is simply to understand the mini-problems you solve for yourself and others, day in and day out.

As humans, we are natural problem-solvers. We are always trying to make life easier for ourselves. And as individuals, each of us is unique: we have unique ways, borne by experience, upbringing, genetics, of handling the problems we face in life.

With all this, each of us has the ability to bring something to the table. We usually do it for ourselves and close ones, everyday. We just don't pay attention.

So pay attention. Ask yourself: What little problems do I encounter everyday? And how do I solve them?

If you're a single mom with three children, for example, youhave tosolve problems. You have to find good deals on children products, like clothes, diapers, strollers, etc. You have to handle transportation.

You have to make sure all the children are safe and accounted for at all times. You have to pick out a good day care for your children and manage your time effectively. You have to shop for school supplies - and get them at a good price.

All the while, you have to make sure that your kids are able to get the love and enjoyment out of life that they can. You have to deal with school bullies, mean teachers, mistakes your children will make. And you have to find ways to take breaks - to get some "me-time."

All these problems that you have to handle are perfect fodder for a single mom advice blog. Or even a new product or service you can come up with to helpothersingle moms who are struggling.

You see, what the world wants is creativity. But that doesn't mean they want interesting, cool, snazzy. It means they want new and better ways to solve problems.

And chances are, you've already found them.