Mark Blasini


The creator vs. the innovator


The creator says, "I want this [product] to look and feel great. I want people to be so impressed."

The innovator, on the other hand, says, "Dammit, this problem is so annoying. How can I make something to let me get around it?"

The creator creates because he can; the innovator creates because heneedsto.

The creator tries to impress; the innovator tries to help.

It is very, very difficult not to fall into the creator mindset. We are driven towards trying to make people adore us - this is part of our "god" complex.

The thing is that precisely what makes you human - i.e. pissed off, annoyed, frustrated - is precisely what allows people to connect to you. Use your suffering, your frustration, your annoyance, to be innovative - to create something that helps people relieve their own suffering.

You can't do that without confronting your own limitations.