Mark Blasini


The cost of conservatism


As humans, we are pretty conservative in nature. We don't like changing our opinions or beliefs. We don't like trying new things. We don't like adopting other people's viewpoints.

We just like our little thoughts, opinions, interests. They make the world less challenging, more predictable, more comfortable.

But the truth is, life doesn't conform to your thoughts or opinions. Life is full of contrasting, even opposing viewpoints and interests. It's full of people who don't think the same as you do, but who nonetheless affect how you and others live.

Hold on to your cherished beliefs, opinions, thoughts, and you'll find yourself constantly frustrated and disappointed.

The only way to escape this frustration and disappointment is to adopt a more open, fluid thinking. You let go of your cherished beliefs. Not only do you not expect people to have your way of thinking, but you're even open to seeing things through other people's eyes. You adapt.

The result: not only will you be less frustrated and disappointed with life, but you'll start to see something strange happening.You'll find more opportunities will cross your path because you're more open to them you're not closed off to the possibilities.

You'll also be more creative: things you didn't think would be interesting will start giving you inspiration.

In a world so dynamic, so globalized, and so competitive, this kind of power is priceless.