Mark Blasini


The 4 pillars of strength


The first pillar is yourresponse -how you handle stressful or uncertain situations. Do you get easily frustrated, annoyed, angered? Do you get easily excited and misled? Or are you calm, rational, patient?

The second pillar is yourresults- your critical skills and knowledge. Can you create important results for yourself, others, your organization? Do you have any special skills/knowledge that helps you stand out? Or are you easily replaceable?

The third pillar is yourrelationships - your friends, allies, partners, connections. Are you well-connected? Do you have a lot of support? Or are you basically a loner, with no real connections?

The last pillar is yourreputation- how people perceive you. Are you known for one outstanding quality? Are you seen as honest, trustworthy, friendly, genuine, etc.? Do you have a reputation for high-quality work? Or are you not really known for anything in particular, or worse, known for something negative?

Having these four pillars won't necessarily mean you'll succeed, but they definitely make it more difficult for you to fail. You can rely on them to hold you up so that you can win.