Mark Blasini


Success is cumulative


Most people think that success is decided at one point: the winning game, that big home run, that big approach, that big date, etc.

True success, however, is cumulative. It's about building as many little victories, as many little advantages as possible. It's a process of strengthening, not a process of acquisition.

For example, if you're trying to get someone to be your romantic partner, it'sallthe little things you do that will tilt him or her to your side, not some grand gesture. It's the little compliments, the little favors, the good conversations you have.

In competitive sports, it's all those points you can score during during practice, all those drills you do successfully, all the strategies you develop, all the time spent finding your competitor's weak points.

In school, it's all the little homework assignments, the little quizzes, the questions you are able to answer in class.

If you do the little things right, then the "big win" will fall into place. If you find yourself having to rely on that "big win" in order to succeed, then you're in trouble.