Mark Blasini


Preparing early


[Note: this post is a follow up from yesterday's post on predicting the future.]

If you're looking for greater control over your life, one suggestion would be to list all the things that you can predict with a fair amount of certainty. Then you can decide a simple plan to prepare for those things ahead of time.

For example, if you know your mom's birthday is coming up in three months, take a step now to think of a potential gift.

The earlier you take steps, the less stress you'll experience when the appointed time comes. And the more time you'll have.

This idea can be applied to many different circumstances. The earlier you can save money a few months in advance for rent, for example, the less worried you'll have to be if your next paycheck comes low.

The earlier you can manage your work schedule to be more in tune with your child's day care or school, the less stressful it will be.

It's a simple idea, and certainly not a new one. But it's an important reminder that you have way more control than you think you do.