Mark Blasini


Making things shareable


It's easy to say that you want people to share something. But what makes something - a product, a movie, a blog post, a meme - shareable? And how do you make your thing shareable?

There are 3 key elements to incorporate:

  1. It has to change what you thought was possible. It could be a toddler who is able to make incredible trick shots. It could be shoes that are fashioned as satyr hooves. It could even be a picture of a baby with a funny caption. It doesn't have to be crazy or out of this world. It just needs to make a connection that people didn't think existed.
  2. It has to be super-simple. If the person receiving the share has to piece together the punchline on his own, then you've lost him. The audience can't work for it.
  3. It has to be quick. Meaning that as soon as the audience sees it, they get it. An image does this best, next a video, next is short text.

Obviously, it takes practice. But if you follow these three elements in your decision-making, then you'll have more successes than failures.