Mark Blasini


How can you get attention?


There are two ways. One is to be larger than life - scandalous, mysterious, hilarious, wild, etc. Give people a show, something to look at and say to themselves, "Wow! I didn't know that was possible."

The problem with this first way is that you're creating a hungry monster that needs more in order to be fed. Your next show has to be bigger, even larger. You'll soon wipe yourself out.

The second way is much simpler and effective. It's to change the question "How can I get more attention?" to the question, "How can Igivemore attention?"

Because in the end that's what peoplereallywant - attention. They want to know someone is thinking about them. And if you do that, they'll start to think about you.

The problem with this approach is that people will eventually start to expect you to give them attention, to think about them, to have their needs in mind all the time.

But if you're in business, isn't that the whole point?