Mark Blasini


Ease the burden of your mind


There is an anecdote with the martial artist Bruce Lee where he is training with one of his students (the actor James Coburn).

Coburn is trying to kick a certain target, but keeps having trouble hitting his mark. After a few tries, Bruce finally tells him to relax mentally - to not worry about where to land his foot, how to move his body, or when to raise his leg. Just kick.

Heeding Bruce's advice, Coburn just kicks - hitting his mark right on. Bruce then tells him:

When you ease the burden of your mind, you just do it.

This is really the essence of strategic living - getting out of your own way. When you ease the burden of your mind, when you stop worrying about doing things the right way, but justdoing - that is the goal you're shooting for.

The strategizing, the hard thinking - that's just to keep you from burdening yourself. The idea is to ask yourself:What must I do to stop worrying - to just do and know it'll be fine?

Always seek to unburden your mind. Then you can actually start living.