Mark Blasini


Doing vs. achieving


In life, we tend to think in terms of action - of doing. We are trying to

But this is the tactical way of thinking. Oftentimes, we do not think about why we want to do these things - we simply assume that these things will bring us some desired benefit.

This is different from the strategic way of thinking. The effective strategist of life doesn't ask, "What am I trying to do?" Rather he or she asks, "What am I trying to achieve?" What am I trying to accomplish?

Perhaps it is happiness; fulfillment; a sense of control or peace; a position of power or freedom; success; attention.

In other words, the effective strategist of life first gets clear on what state or position they want to be in. Then they worry about action, about doing.

In your own life, focus intensely on what you want to achieve or accomplish. Resist the urge to ask what you are trying to do until what you are trying to accomplish is crystal clear in your mind.