Mark Blasini


Compelling = clear


Want to know the secret to giving a compelling offer to your customers?†Make it super-clear how your product or service fits into their lives.

There's no point in adding bells and whistles unless your customers can clearly imagine how your product or service is going to help them.

"Compelling," then, doesn't mean flashy, sexy, mysterious, etc. All that does is just build up their expectations. Compelling means that now that they have seen it, they can't un-see it.

Think Uber, Airbnb, Evernote. Seeing how they work, you can†clearly†see how they fit into your life - Uber for transportation, Airbnb for lodging, Evernote for note-taking. (It helps if there's just†one†thing you can use it for.)

To get there, you need to be clear yourself on how your product or service fits into your customers life. Ask yourself:

  1. In what area of their life will they use it?
  2. How will they use it?
  3. What will it allow them to do?
  4. Can they easily share it or talk about it?

Don't worry about hyping your product or service. Don't bullshit your customers. Just†show†them how and where they can use it, and they'll do the rest on their own.