Mark Blasini


Are you excited?


There are two views we can have about our future. One is that we are headed towards a point, a single aspiration, a situation after which we will live happily.

The other is that the future holds endless possibilities, that a new point just leads us to new possibilities. We will never exhaust them, but neither should we try. We should just explore what we have.

I am of the second view. Happiness is not something that can be reached, but produced. And specifically, it is produced when we reach a possibility that excites us - a new food, a new place, a new style, a new subject.

Don't think you have to have everything figured out. That you have to be working towards achieving that career move, that relationship, that income level.

The real measure of happiness is whether you can wake up in the morning and feel excited about what life has to offer you.

If you're bored, with nothing to look forward to, then no matter what you've achieved in life, you won't be happy.